First offence? What to look for in a criminal lawyer

First offence? What to look for in a criminal lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to represent you is a big decision. There are a lot of criminal defence lawyers in Sydney to choose from – where do you start? These are our tips to find the best criminal defence lawyer for you.


Someone that you can understand and who understands you 

You want to find an excellent criminal defence lawyer, but you need to find the one that is best for you. That means different things to different people. It boils down to whether you understand the lawyer and whether the lawyer understands you. The lawyer needs to talk your language – does the lawyer explain things clearly to you and take the time to set out your options? Look for a lawyer who you feel comfortable with. Is that person approachable, are they thorough in their advice, do they listen to you, will they give you the level of service you need?

Someone who has the right experience for your matter

There are many different areas of law and lawyers specialise in different things. The lawyer you had to sell your property or draft your will won’t necessarily be able to defend you in a criminal matter.

Even some criminal lawyers specialise in certain areas.

Look for someone who has the experience in the type of matter you are facing. A person who specialises in drink driving matters may not be the best person to represent you for a serious crime, or vice versa. 

Someone who doesn’t make guarantees or promises

Be wary of a lawyer who guarantees or promises a certain outcome. No criminal lawyer can predict exactly what will happen. Look for a person who is confident and knowledgeable and able to build the best defence for you. Confidence is a valuable trait – it means that the lawyer will be unflappable under pressure, will be able to speak confidently on your behalf to the court and with prosecutors.

Someone who has happy and satisfied clients

Ask friends or relatives who they might recommend. If you have had a lawyer for a different kind of matter, like to sell your house, ask that lawyer who they would recommend. Good criminal lawyers are known to other lawyers who don’t practice in that area.  

Someone who is willing to meet with you before you make a decision

After all your research on the internet, the best way to choose a criminal defence lawyer is to have a meeting with them. You will know very quickly whether they are the right fit for you. 

Kingston Fox Lawyers are a small team of dedicated criminal defence lawyers. Because of this, we are able to spend the time with you to make sure you understand the process and your options.

Call us on 8251 0094 for a chat – we’d really like to help you with your criminal matter – big or small.

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