Crime related podcasts - our top picks!

Crime related podcasts - our top picks!


Crime related podcasts are in the top 20 of podcasts listened to in Australia and world wide. Whether they are ‘true crime’ related or informative, it seems people love to listen about crime!

Because we practice exclusively in criminal law at Kingston Fox Lawyers, we really enjoy listening to crime related podcasts  – and we have put together a list below of some of our favourites. 

True crime podcasts


Each season of Serial just gets better!

Season 1 looks into the 1999 murder of a young girl in Baltimore. Adnan Syed was charged with the murder. The podcast includes extensive interviews with Adnan, examines the investigation, trial and appeal process, extensively reviews the evidence available and includes audio of court proceedings.

Season 2 looks into the disappearance of US army serviceman Bowe Bergdahl off a base in Afghanistan and his capture by the Taliban. US government officials, Bowe and his family are all interviewed in an interesting examination of US military mindset and the relationship between the US and Middle East.

Season 3 is probably our favourite as it is a behind the scenes look at the criminal justice system in Cleveland, Ohio. The producers are given access to record court proceedings within the court complex and they look at ordinary cases coming before the court. This behind the scenes court access, combined with interviews with Judges, lawyers, families, offenders and gaol staff provides a great insight into the criminal justice system.  


An ABC produced podcast, Traceexamines the 1980 murder of Maria James – a suburban Melbourne mother of two who was stabbed 68 times. It involves the Catholic Church, cult rituals and the science of DNA. This podcast reviews the evidence and speaks with the Investigating Detective and Maria James’ two sons. A 1982 inquest found that Ms James was murdered by “a person unknown”. In some part due to the investigative journalism of this podcast, in November 2018, the Victorian Coroner reopened the investigation into this cold case.


Casefileis good old fashioned investigative journalism. Its simple description is “Fact is scarier than fiction” and it sure lives up to this! Currently up to episode 119, and with episodes around 1 hour long, you will definitely get drawn in to the detail of the cases. This podcast has been running for 2 years and has a rating on itunes of five stars. It’s a perfect introduction to the ‘true crime’ genre.

Justice system podcasts

Gertie’s Law

Gertie’s Law is a new podcast produced in conjunction with the Victorian Supreme Court. It explains the judicial system in Victoria (and Australia more generally) and includes insightful interviews with Judges and senior lawyers who are regularly involved in the criminal justice system.


Unspeakable is a short 6-part podcast produced in 2017 by the Victorian Police focuses on sexual assault cases and how they are dealt with by the court and related agencies. It involves true stories and includes interviews with investigators, victims and experts. It is an informative and insightful podcast about how victims are treated and its aim is to demystify the process.

For lawyers and business owners

Legal Aid NSW Criminal Law Division Podcasts

Legal Aid NSWproduces podcasts relevant to practical aspects of practicing criminal law in NSW and are presented by senior solicitors and barristers. Topics include making bail applications and professional responsibility/ethics.

Beyond Billables

Our favourite business podcast! Beyond Billablesspeak to NewLaw lawyers and business owners about their backgrounds and experiences setting up law practices, with plenty of marketing tips along the way. And don’t forget to check out episode 69 with Kingston Fox Lawyers

Kingston Fox Lawyers - Leading criminal defence firm 2019

Kingston Fox Lawyers - Leading criminal defence firm 2019

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